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October 10, 2010 at 9:19 am (Uncategorized)

Because sometime during amplificathon I stopped transferring links onto my journal, I thought maybe I’d just keep a list. So this is it, sorted into nice little categories. All links go to posts on amplificathon or my journal  that have download links and more information. Eventually, this will be more organized. Edit: This is as organized as it is likely to get…  In 2011, I believe I’ll start another masterlist.
Total: 51. Or something like that. (10/10/10)


The End by me (Gellert Grindelwald/Albus Dumbledore)  Summary: “Even though you’re the one who stood in victory I have won as well, because you have ensured that I’ll never be forgotten.” Follows Grindelwald from his surrender to Albus to his imprisonment in Nurmengard.

Someday (Grindelwald/Dumbledore, sequel-of-sorts to ‘The End’) Summary: Dumbledore gazes into the Mirror of Erised long after Harry leaves.

The Demise of Scorpius Malfoy’s Reputation by me (Albus Severus/Scorpius Malfoy)  Summary: Albus and Scorpius are going to the Potter’s Muggle style Halloween party..

Bringer of Battle (Snape gen, poem)  Summary: (Set during Half-Blood Prince) Snape walks out of Hogwarts with the Death-Eaters and reflects on the choices that have brought him there.

All of Me (Snape/Regulus)  Summary: Many years after his lover’s death Severus reflects on the life Regulus left behind

Confessions by arishako (Luna Lovegood/Ginny Weasley) Summary: The Sorting Hat had said that Gryffindors were known for their courage.

Thoughts, Early Morning by me (Severus/Draco/Harry)  Summary: If Severus was a good man, he would leave them now before they wake.

Someone to Adore by harry_sev (Snape/Harry)  Author’s Summary: Harry loves Severus. Harry goes to many lengths to make Severus love him. Same old story…only in poem form. 220 lines of rhyming, Snarry poetry. What could be better?

The Last Night on Earth by me (Harry/Snape) Summary:AU after OOTP. Believing he will die the next morning Harry comes back to his lover.

The Realm Where Ice and Fire Mingles by me (Lily Evans Potter/Narcissa Black Malfoy)    Summary: Hidden behind Hogwarts it is safe for two girls to meet and to make the world their own, without thinking of the possible repercussions. But then, slowly, reality starts to interfere.

The Frog Prince by busaikko (Snape/Lupin)  Summary: The Frog Prince…a la Snupin


Yours by alcetis (Arthur/Merlin) with a podbook made by cybel available here Summary: For the Kinkme_merlin prompt: Arthur/Merlin, Modern AU. The boys have been writing to each other ever since their respective classes participated in a pen pal project when they were in primary school. Perhaps, now all grown up, they finally get the chance to meet?

Wouldn’t it be nice to live together/in the kind of world where we belong by ginnystar (Arthur/Merlin) Summary: Floppy haired, twinkly-eyed art students, Arthur realized, would quite possibly be the death of him. (For reel_merlin movie prompt 50 First Dates)

Change is a Cycle Like a Fairytale by a8c_sock (Arthur/Merlin)  Summary:At the age of eighteen months, two weeks and six days Arthur met Merlin (then five hours old) for the first time (again). Or the story of two young lives and their destiny.

Candle Flames and Fires by lastling (Arthur/Merlin, Gwen/Morgana) Summary: Merlin knows he will never hold a candle to Morgana’s beauty. She is a flame, her white skin attracting eyes from every direction.Merlin knows Gwen knows it too. He can see her eyes are empty when she looks at Morgana. Like the king’s ward is a spring of water and she desperately wants to drink, but knows it is poisoned.

Farewell by  me (Merlin/Morgana, second one on the link)   Summary: Later, Merlin will sit in a boat with the woman he still loves and the corpse of their destiny between them. And he won’t know what to say to right his wrongs.

It Started at the Frat Party by tierfal (Arthur/Merlin)  Summary:When Merlin comes back at six-thirty Saturday morning, he has quite a story for Gwen.

The First Farewell by givemethebook (Arthur/Merlin) Summary: Merlin did not leave for the Isle of the Blessed, without seeing Arthur one last time.

The Seven Deadly Sins Anthology by lilian_cho (7 drabbles, Uther/Igraine, gen, Arthur/Merlin, Gwen/Lancelot)

Moment of Surrender by christycorr (Arthur/Merlin) with a wonderful podbook made by cybel here Film Prompt: Imagine Me & You
Summary:  “Getting married wasn’t supposed to change anything.”

Avalon by me (Arthur/Merlin, scroll down to find it) Summary: Unable to remember how he got there, Arthur wanders in Avalon, waiting.

Lies and Really Unexpected Truths by me (Arthur/Merlin, scroll down)   Summary:Other then being a bad liar and hopelessly oblivious to Arthur’s intelligence, Merlin, Arthur soon finds out, carries some secrets around as though he is capable of keeping them.

Teaching the Indie Kids to Joust Again by bookshop (Bradley James/Colin Morgan mainly)
Summary: If the Mountain will not go to the sea then the  river  must bring them together. Link also has the Epilogue written by

Foul! by breea1 (Colin Morgan/Bradley James) Synopsis: Bradley has taken Colin a few times for a kick about with his team and his team, distressingly, has noticed things. Now it’s Bradley’s birthday and the team have got together to get him a very special present – but they couldn’t find a carpet.

Five Things Colin Learns While Filming Merlin by timetraveled (Colin/Bradley)  Summary: “MY ARSE IS ALL OVER THE INTERNET!” Bradley yells for all of France to hear.

In the Bones by wholly_crepe (Colin/Bradley)  Summary; When Bradley finds out that Colin is gay, he doesn’t quite know how he feels about it.

In the Bones-Epilogue by wholly_crepe (Colin/Bradley)  Summary: “Col?” “Mmm?” “Am- am I too touchy?”

The Prince’s Tale: a tale of true love and high adventure by dvswraatins Cast/Pairings: Merlin/OMC, Merlin/Lancelot (implied),Arthur/Merlin, Morgana/Gwen,Uther, Igraine. Summary: In this fusion with The Princess Bride, Merlin… becomes a bride >_<

The Terrible Jabberwock by wickedmuffin (RPF, Bradley/Colin) Summary: A trip to Japan, a centipede, and Colin doesn’t get to wear pants.


The Truth is a Beautiful and Terrible Thing by flaggerbasted (Merlin/Harry Potter, Arthur/Merlin, Grindelwald/Dumbledore) Summary: Dumbledore finds out what had happened to make Merlin the man he knows in the future.


If You Could Ask written by liadan14 (Juliet Marillier’s Sevenwaters Saga, Johnny/Gareth–YES!, Look, a canon-compliant pairing!) Summary: Johnny and Gareth through the years.


All written by pithia all posted here
Snow Angel Summary: Katherine wanders in the snow
Beautiful Shadow Pairing: Katherine/Elena Gilbert Summary: Katherine admires her living reflection
Three Wishes Pairing: Elena Gilbert/Stefan Salvatore/Damon Salvatore (implied, if you want it to be) Summary: Damon, Elena, and Stefan all make their wishes.
An Angel’s Wings Pairing: Elena Gilbert/Stefan Salvatore/Damon Salvatore  Summary: Elena was always between them

Peter Pan

The Ghost of Wendy by
azul_bloom (Unrequited Wendy/Peter, poem)  Summary: Now I live my biggest pretend; I dance and sing, play and fight; Laugh by day and crow at night; But in my quiet loneliness I always weep; for the ghost of Wendy forever whispers in every dream.


All written by elementalv , all Mac/PC, all posted here
Counseling   Summary:PC was the one who pushed for couples counseling.
Recovering    Summary: PC recovers from a virus.
Holding On    Summary: PC looked on in longing as Mac and Digital Camera met up with Photo Printer.


Not as Cool as Mine (seventh one down) written by idioticonion , Captain Hammer gen Summary: Captain Hammer thinks that his nemesis is pretty cool, as villains go.


Erimir and Veiruthil by shoelessknight and myself, and co-narrated by shoelessknight. Summary:
This is a story about Erimir the keen of sight, and Veiruthil, the keen of hearing. They each lost the senses that made them renowned at the hands of a shade, though because of it their knowledge, power, and importance to all riders forevermore grew beyond what either of them could have possibly imagined.


How To Be a Domestic Goddess (last one) by amathela (RPF, Lea Michelle/Dianna Agron)
Summary:She’s majorly, totally, butt-crazy in love with her roommate.

Love the way you think (but hate the way you act) written by cinderlily (Puck/Kurt)
Summary: “Kurt: what makes me the jock soothsayer? ” Mercedes gently nudges Kurt to cheer Puck up

Sherlock Holmes (2009)
Understanding (Oh) by sweetanomaly (RPF, Robert Downey Jr./Jude Law) . Ewan’s visiting Jude during the filming of SH and he corners RDJ somewhere and basically tells him to stop toying with Jude’s feelings. Protective!bestfriend!Ewan, pretty much. Maybe Robert says it’s all in fun but agrees to tone down the flirting. He gets jealous of the close relationship Jude has with Ewan and realizes that maybe it’s not all joking after all.


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